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Country Grill Chicagoland - Florian Porsch

Country Grill Chicagoland Florian Porsch

Country Grill Chicagoland - grilled goodness Bavarian Style

Why does a young man from Bavaria grill rotisserie chicken in and around Chicago? German Florian Porsch, who is always in a good mood at the hot grill, loves challenges. After studying agricultural sciences and founding a start-up in the field of agricultural digitization, he took on a big task at Hertel Grilltechnik : To make the rotisserie chicken sales vehicles, which have been running successfully in Germany for over 50 years, ready for approval for the US market. 

The technology was quickly adapted. What was harder: Interested customers demanded proof that US authorities allow grill technology made in Germany, so Florian Porsch decided: "I'll do it myself!" In the spring of 2019, he moved to Chicago, Illinois with a chicken truck and started all by himself from the ground up. He had to find suppliers, define quality standards, rent rooms, find sales areas, and grill, grill, grill. He is supported by his wife Annkathrin. She is primarily responsible for the start-up's marketing.

After one year the balance is as follows: The people in Chicago love the Bavarian style rotisserie chicken and they love Florian, the nice boy from Bavaria. The technology survived the cold winter in Chicago. It was hard work, but it paid off and gave rise to many ideas for further improvement. Now we can get started with Country Grill USA as planned.

Country Grill Chicagoland - Florian Porsch brings grilled goodness to the USA the Bavarian way!

Mobile Rotisserie Systems is looking for employees!

There is a lot to do at Country Grill USA / Illinois: New sales locations are waiting for the Country Grill food truck. 

We are hiring:

  • Trainees für grill artists
  • Employees for goods preparation

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