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Artists at the grill - our grilleurs!

As grilling professionals, we devote ourselves with heart and soul to quality and to our customers’ enjoyment. With intensive specialist and practical training, we provide the best grilled products with skill and finesse come rain or shine. But this requires intuition, because it’s not easy to have the right amount ready at the right time.

But, like a real musician who masters his instrument, our work at the grill is no different. Practice makes perfect and we are passionately committed. As soon as the store counter is set up and the rotisserie chicken skewers rotate on the grill, we are in our element. Depending on the time of day and the number of customers, sometimes adagio and sometimes allegro, we try to keep the pace, always with the clear aim of providing the perfect grilled products for you: tender juicy meat, crispy skin and spicy flavour - these are the Country Grill chicken and grill specialities.


Ana and Bojan Rudic - our partner in Ireland

Our youngest members of the Country Grill family are Ana and Bojan Rudic. The married couple from Croatia has seized the opportunity and moved to Ireland. A country where there was no grilled chicken at mobile sales stands until now.

Despite all their initial difficulties, both have always remained true to their idea. After two years of tireless dedication, perseverance and passion, they could gain a foothold in a foreign country with a new concept. Meanwhile, they have settled in well in Cork, their new home. Ana and Bojan value their many contacts with their regular local customers, and the customers are happy to have a delicious addition to their catering facilities.


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The Country Grill family

COUNTRY GRILL is a network of independent partners who supply tasty rotisserie chicken and other grilled specialities with mobile grilling vehicles. They all devote themselves to the highest requirements in terms of product, hygiene and customer service, and want to indulge customers with top-quality, traditional and regional products.

When you see the COUNTRY GRILL TRUCK with the giant hen on the roof, you can be sure that it offers locally and freshly prepared as well as tasty chicken and specialities, naturally from the grill.

The concept was developed by both companies Hertel Hähnchen and Marvena AG. Hertel Hähnchen is one of the leading mobile chicken grills in Germany. It has been on the market for more than 50 years and is an absolute industry expert. Marvena AG, in turn, is a consulting company in system catering which started the licensing system.

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How the Food Truck came about

1967 marked the birth of the mobile sale of grilled chicken in North Bavaria.

It was Max Hertel’s idea to supply chicken which was not raw, but grilled, on the street or at the weekly market. The then farmer and business founder of Hertel Hähnchen could no longer find any customers at the weekly market for his fresh chickens, since freezers became affordable for the population in 1967, and frozen chickens were offered at a cheaper price. So he mounted a grill on a trailer, and since then sold his fresh chickens grilled. His idea has been a success until today. 

When the temporary trailer had to be replaced, Max Hertel couldn’t find any useful items at the market, so he built his own grilling vehicle himself without further ado. And this brings us to Hertel Grilltechnik today. Professional technology for mobile gastronomy. Originally only produced for personal use, Hertel grilling devices and grilling vehicles are loved by chicken professionals today, for Hertel also stands for quality here: sophisticated, tested, durable grilling devices and vehicles made of stainless steel. 

Go to the homepage of here HERTEL GRILLTECHNIK.


What do our customers say?

Our aim is your satisfaction. We do everything we can to keep this our priority. Read here what our customers say about us. Or tell us what you think here. We welcome any feedback.

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What is served at our food truck

Our speciality is the traditional grilled chicken, which is crispy, juicy and freshly prepared. But our grilling professional has more to offer: knuckles of pork, ribs, salad. Everything for a complete menu. Let us surprise you.


Where is the rotisserie chicken truck?

No time to cook? Take-away grilled chicken and more are available at our Country Grill mobile shop.