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Our traditional speciality is the grilled chicken or rotisserie chicken in Bavarian style. Its preparation is actually quite simple. The raw chicken is marinated with a spice mix and roasted on the grill until crispy and juicy. As easy as the cooking process looks, the devil is in the detail:

Only fresh - no frozen foods

A fundamental requirement for a good flavour and a natural taste is the freshness of the chicken. We use exclusively fresh, i.e. no frozen rotisserie chickens from regional suppliers. These are seasoned and skewered at our facility immediately after slaughter. The rotisserie chicken skewers are merely chilled before their gentle preparation on the grill. We preserve the original flavour of the tender chicken with great care and exact planning. In our opinion, you can taste the difference. 

Natural seasoning - without additives - GLUTEN-FREE

Our seasoning mix only contains natural ingredients: salt, pepper, fresh herbs and selected spices. We categorically oppose the use of additives such as flavouring, flavour enhancers, preservatives, herbal extracts, etc. Good meat needs no artificial additives. This is why we give our rotisserie chicken enough time to absorb the spice mix, and only then we put it on the grill.

Our rotisserie chicken provides authentic, unaltered delight. Even sensitive meat lovers can tuck in without fear, because, by not using any additives, our chicken is gluten-free and free from any allergenic substances. For our wide range of products, we also make sure to provide the most natural ingredients and the most gentle preparation. You can find more information on the nutritional values and allergens of the entire range here.  

Grilled by experienced professionals

Our crispy and juicy preparation of the roast chicken on the grill requires intuition and a good eye, alongside sufficient training and experience as well as good working material. Our artists at the grill in fact decide if the excellent raw product will make a marvellous culinary delight. The professional Hertel Grilltechnik gas grill offers all kinds of possibilities: the first gentle grilling, adequate cooking later at consistent heat, and the finishing at the end on a strong, direct flame for a crispy skin. Our grill masters are professionals who know their handicraft very well. 

Practiced hygiene - safe enjoyment

Alongside the enjoyment factor, production safety also plays a great role. A hygiene concept especially developed and adapted to our grilling company (HACCP) ensures continuous quality control, from the supply partner to the finished grilled chicken. Every Country Grill partner not only undergoes theoretical and practical training, but also holds high hygiene standards on a daily basis. Cleaning, disinfecting, measuring temperatures and documenting results. These activities are a matter of fact for Country Grill partners and a daily routine for a grilleur. So we can guarantee safe and carefree enjoyment for you. 

REGIONAL & genuine

The support of regional partners is of great importance to us. Not only in terms of quality. We would like to pollute our environment as little as possible with our business activities. Regional ties reduce transport and promote the local economy. We also try to strike a balance between customer service and sustainability, and pay attention to reduced packaging, less waste, energy reduction and much more.

A major advantage of our sales concept is that we use the whole chicken and not just the breast. To that effect, the rotisserie chicken is a genuine product. There is no denying that it is an animal. But it cannot be processed or mixed in some other way. On the contrary, we supply chicken which is tastily prepared with few spices.


It is a matter of course for us to buy locally and to support regional suppliers. It is part of our business philosophy, but also a prerequisite for our quality standard. The high freshness of our products is based on good relations with the supplier, on short transport routes and on top-quality goods.

True to the motto: from the region for the region.

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You can hire Country Grill. The chicken truck will sort you out. Whether for a birthday party, company party or your own Oktoberfest - our grill truck is always an attraction. But our fresh cooking at yours will impress your guests even more.

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