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Country Grill Lithuania Sergej Smidt

Rotisserie chicken pioneers in Vilnius

Sergej Smidt's brother-in-law brought the idea with him from Germany: Selling rotisserie chicken on the go from a food truck. Back in 2012, this was a completely new concept in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The idea promised success. Sergei Smidt jumped at the chance to join Hertel Hähnchen in Germany and complete the grill artist training program. The foundation for mobile rotisserie chicken sales in Lithuania was established.

Sergej Smidt has been grilling rotisserie chicken and other specialties at various sales locations in Vilnius since 2012. His wife Rima supports him, seasoning the fresh chickens and putting them on the rotisserie skewers. The rotisserie chicken business in Lithuania is hard work as many competitors now offer grilled take-away food. Sergej Smidt stands out from the crowd with his Country Grill truck: The solid grill technology and the professional stand construction gives customers the assurance: At Country Grill Lithuania the customer receives the best quality at a reasonable price.

Sergej Smidt represents grill quality at Country Grill Lithuania - and quality prevails in the end!

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You will find our Country Grill food truck once a week at our sales locations.

We can also supply your party with grilled specialties from Country Grill.

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Country Grill Lithuania Sergej Smidt



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Our specialty is rotisserie chicken, crispy, juicy, freshly grilled. Our grill professionals have even more to offer:
Pork knuckles, ribs, baked goods and dips for a complete menu.

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No time to cook? Grill specialties and side dishes are available from our COUNTRY GRILL sales vehicles. Take the products with you and enjoy them at home.

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