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Country Grill Italy! Grilled goodness for the Dolce Vita!

In the 1980s, Paolo Pol left Italy for the small town of Schwarzenbach / Saale in Germany. There he sold real Italian ice cream in an ice cream parlor. He got to know Max Hertel, the founder of Hertel Hähnchen and the founder of mobile rotisserie grilled chicken sales. In 2009, the Pol family moved back home to Val di Zoldo in northern Italy. Along with their luggage was the license as Country Grill Partner for Italy, the basis for a successful rotisserie chicken business in Italy.

Paolo's son Nicolo Pol now runs Country Grill di Pol Nicolo & Co. sas. Mama Carla and sister Dalila help with the preparation of the goods. Together with two employed grill artists, Paolo and Nicolo Pol drive their way along winding roads to their sales locations around Val di Zoldo from Monday to Saturday. They provide genuine rotisserie chicken pleasure!

Grilled goodness the Bavarian way in Northern Italy - we love European diversity!


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Grill artist at Country Grill Italy - your job!

As grill artists, we take to the roads for our customers, whatever the weather, all year round. Thanks to our years of experience, we succeed with something special: The chickens are ready just when the customer wants to go shopping. Slow food, fast service - that is our goal at COUNTRY GRILL.

To be a grill artist, you must be physically fit, strong, and skilled. You have to speak to all customers in a friendly and service-oriented manner. You also need a category B driving license. The rest is practice. But beware: Things are going to get heated! This is a job for tough men and powerful women. 

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Country Grill Italy Nicolo Pol

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Our specialty is rotisserie chicken, crispy, juicy, freshly grilled. Our grill professionals have even more to offer:
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