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Country Grill Ireland Bojan Rudic

The Best Chicken around Cork - sorry Mum!

Bojan and Ana Rudic are the main players at BNB Roasted Grill, the Country Grill Partner in Ireland. Both love good food and hospitality. The customers who come from in and around Cork to visit Bojan at the Country Grill stand can feel that. Good products prepared with love and served with a smile.

Ana and Bojan Rudic come from Croatia and have lived in the Cork area since 2017. With the COUNTRY GRILL food truck, they were able to realize their dream of independence. And why in Ireland? Bojan's uncle brought the rotisserie chicken idea to Ireland from Switzerland. When he offered Bojan the start-up, Ana and Bojan courageously chose to go for it. They have no regrets: The Irish love the new rotisserie chicken attraction and in Ireland, it is not terribly hot in front of the grill either.

Bojan is at the grill every week from Tuesday to Sunday. Ana helped him in sales until their son Lav was born in 2019. Now Ana now prepares the goods for sale at home so that Bojan can concentrate fully on the sales.

Country Grill Ireland - a really great little family business!

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BNB Roasted Grill is looking for employees

Our start up Country Grill Ireland is ready to grow! 

There is a lot to do at Country Grill in Ireland: New sales locations are waiting for the Country Grill food truck to come by, loaded with goods and a competent salesman. That is why we are now looking for:

  • Salesperson 
  • Grill artist
  • Employee in goods preparation

Interested? Get in contact with us:

BNB Roasted Grill


+353 87 468 31 30

Country Grill Ireland Bojan Rudic



Our Service:

Our Party service

Let COUNTRY GRILL feed your guests!
Our food truck is a real attraction for your party.
We delight the host with uncomplicated, reliable service and the guests with the fresh preparation on site.
Ask for a no-binding offer:
E-Mail  / Tel. +353 87 468 31 30.

Our Products

Our specialty is rotisserie chicken, crispy, juicy, freshly grilled. Our grill professionals have even more to offer:
Pork knuckles, ribs, salads, baked goods, and dips for a complete menu.

Find out more about all our products!

Our Sales Locations in IRE

No time to cook? Grill specialties and side dishes are available from our COUNTRY GRILL sales vehicles. Take the products with you and enjoy them at home.

You can find our locations in Ireland here.