Country Grill - Rotisserie Franchise


Country Grill - one team, one passion!

Roasting the perfect grilled chicken is my daily challenge! And mine! And mine!...


Country Grill - Food Trucker is more than just a job!

We do our best every day to provide grilled goodness!

Early in the morning, the sales vehicle makes its way to the sales location. There the grill artist sets up his sales booth and fires up the grill, because rotisserie chickens are slow food and cook for almost two hours. The grill artist cuts the grilled chickens from the spit, packs them and sells them. He continuously adds fresh meat skewers to the grill. Having the grilled chicken just ready when the customer is hungry in front of our stand - that is the greatest achievement and we have it down to an art! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

This job is only for real men and powerful women: it is hot, physically challenging, and mentally demanding. Grill artists are drivers, cooks, waiters, salesman, and cleaners all at the same time. As a COUNTRY GRILL partner, you are also an entrepreneur. A real challenge!

The highest reward for our efforts: satisfied customers who buy from us every week. We do our best every day: For perfect rotisserie chicken enjoyment to go! 



Country Grill grill master

Success stories: These partners have already found success with COUNTRY GRILL:

Country Grill ČR

Czech Republic

A strong team for grilling pleasure!
Country Grill Tschechien Team

Bojan Rudic


Best grilled chicken ever! Sorry Mum!
Country Grill Irland - Bojan

Tynan Cunningham


Country Grill Ireland - Tynan

Nicolo Pol


At the top in Italy - grilled goodness of the highest level!
Country Grill Italien Nikolo Pol

Sergej Smidt


I have the best rotisserie chicken in Lithuania!
Country Grill Litauen Sergej Smidt

Ali Pektas Ekber


Second to none - try my chicken!
Country Grill Österreich Ali Pektas

Florian Porsch

US Chicago

Nothing good happens unless you do it!
Country Grill USA Florian Porsch