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COUNTRY GRILL license - better than a franchise

COUNTRY GRILL is a network of independent partners who use mobile grill vehicles to offer delicious rotisserie chicken and other grilled specialties worldwide.

All COUNTRY GRILL partners use the same technology and work according to the COUNTRY GRILL standards for hygiene, customer service, and product quality. The huge chicken on the roof of our COUNTRY GRILL food trucks tells people: Here you will find delicious grill specialties that are freshly prepared, naturally seasoned, and grilled to perfection using our licensed grill equipment.

We at COUNTRY GRILL believe in regionality: Short transport routes and regionally sourced products are good for product quality and good for our planet. That is why the COUNTRY GRILL partners buy their raw products from regional producers. For more freshness and even more taste.

The best regional products prepared with the world's best grill technology - that is the COUNTRY GRILL magic formula. And it works in every country. Because we at COUNTRY GRILL know how to grill the best rotisserie chicken. Our local partners know their country, the taste of their compatriots, the lucrative sales locations, and the suppliers of high-quality raw materials. COUNTRY GRILL is not a rigid franchise concept. The COUNTRY GRILL license agreement obliges the partner to comply with quality standards and allows them to use the COUNTRY GRILL brand. The agreement only regulates what is really important. This leaves plenty of flexibility for country-specific features and individual entrepreneurship. Find out more about this in the section 'Become a partner'.

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The Country Grill Partner for the best rotisserie chickens worldwide!

COUNTRY GRILL is already on the road in six countries worldwide:

  • in Upper Austria in the Steyr region
  • in Northern Italy near Venice
  • in Northern Ireland around Cork
  • in Lithuania's capital Vilnius
  • in the United States in the greater Chicago area
  • in many cities in the Czech Republic. 

The business idea has proven successful. In order for the business idea to become a business success, you need the people who make it happen on site. The artist at the grill who wants to go the extra mile for the perfect grilling pleasure. To be a COUNTRY GRILL grill artist means to deliver a top performance on every single sales day.

Get to know the people at Country Grill who grill like world champions.


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Who is behind COUNTRY GRILL?

HERTEL HÄHNCHEN is the original from Germany, while COUNTRY GRILL is a further development for the non-German market. Today, HERTEL HÄHNCHEN is a system catering company with more than 100 vehicles in the German market. On the market since 1967 and an absolute industry expert - with an unbroken passion for grilling and respect in dealing with poultry products. HERTEL HÄHNCHEN advises those interested in setting up their own business in the mobile sale of rotisserie chickens.

All interested parties have the same problems to solve: Business plan, purchasing, marketing, hygiene concept, ... HERTEL HÄHNCHEN summarizes the answers to all these questions in a food truck concept: The COUNTRY GRILL license concept! We use the know-how of Hertel Hähnchen and leave room for country-specific features.

The greatest strengths of HERTEL HÄHNCHEN and COUNTRY GRILL: We don't just use the grill vehicles; we build them ourselves! HERTEL GRILLTECHNIK GMBH manufactures the sales vehicles and is constantly improving them. We adapt the proven technology flexibly to country-specific requirements.

Interested in a COUNTRY GRILL license partnership? Find out more about our licensing system here!

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