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Country Grill Austria - Ali Pektas

Country Grill Austria - Ali Pektas

How do you say delicious grilled food in Austrian? Country Grill Ali Pektas!

We boldly claim: There is no better rotisserie chicken vendor in Austria than the Country Grill partner Ali Pektas from Steyr. All Country Grill artists get praise from their customers, but none get as much as Ali. The customers notice: Here is someone who will go the extra mile to grill the best possible rotisserie chicken! 

The success of Country Grill Austria is based on two principles: Family power and lots of fresh fruit! Ali eats a large bag of fruits and vegetables every day for strength! What Ali cannot do alone, his family does: Ali's children help with sales and his wife cleans the sales vehicle in the evening. Ali needs help as the people of Steyr love his chicken, pork knuckles, and ribs. That is why Ali has invested in his business and has been driving the largest Country Grill vehicle in the world since spring 2020.

Ali Pektas in Austria has set the bar high - for himself and his work, for rotisserie chicken enjoyment in Austria, and for the whole Country Grill family.

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Rotisserie chicken for your party? Ali has got it covered!


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Country Grill Austria Ali Pektas

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