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You can find the Country Grill chicken truck at fixed stands on a weekly basis. Our mobile shops can be recognised from afar by the large hen on the roof. Or simply follow the delicious smell of freshly roasted rotisserie chicken, and you will no doubt find our grill truck.

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Tips on heating and chilling

Chill at 4┬░ for max. 48 hours

If you have to wait a while before enjoying your rotisserie chicken, place it in the fridge. You can store it for up to two days and then heat it up again...following our heating tips:


Oven / gas oven / combi steamer

Pre-heat the oven at 150 degrees Celsius

Take the roast chicken out of the thermal bag, place it on a tray or an ovenproof dish and heat it up for 10-15 minutes.

With combi steamers: select regeneration.

The rotisserie chicken skin will turn crispy and crusty if you change the setting to surface grill in the last 3 minutes.

Please observe the operating instructions of your device. Times and temperatures may vary.
Mikrowelle (Resized)


Pierce the thermal bag two to three times and heat up the chicken in the bag for about three minutes at 600 Watt.

Please observe the operating instructions of your device. Times and temperatures may vary.

Note: many consider using the microwave a potential health risk. We have also had better experience in heating up our products in the oven.

Our party service for your celebration

You can hire Country Grill. The chicken truck will sort you out. Whether for a birthday party, company party or your own Oktoberfest - our grill truck is always an attraction. But our fresh cooking at yours will impress your guests even more.

Party service

What is served at our food truck

Our speciality is the traditional grilled chicken, which is crispy, juicy and freshly prepared. But our grilling professional has more to offer: knuckles of pork, ribs, salad. Everything for a complete menu. Let us surprise you.


Who we are and who is behind it

Our grilling professionals are real artists at the grill. They provide you with the best grilled products with great finesse. Find out more about your grilling artists on site, the COUNTRY GRILL family and our roots.

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